Machinery Hygiene Plan and Checklist

Any equipment which may cut the cane plant can spread RSD from an infected source.  Therefore Cane knives, harvesters, plant cutters, planters (whole stick and billet), and stool splitters should all be sterilised prior to entering either a clean block of cane from an infected block or from farm to farm.

Sterilisation Procedure:

  1. Ensure that equipment is free of soil and debris. Wash equipment with water prior to sterilizing, if possible.

  2. Use 1% STERIMAX to thoroughly sterilise equipment. Leave equipment to stand for 5 minutes for the chemical to work effectively OR use 30% water and 70% methylated spirits to thoroughly sterilise equipment. It is not recommended to use methylated spirits where there are potential fire hazards.

  3. CANE KNIFE STERILISER should be disposed of after 24 hours once mixed with water. The chemical will de-activate

overtime, once mixed with water.

  1. Avoid using water with high organic content when mixing with CANE KNIFE STERILISER.


Equipment of concern – Key sterilisation points indicated in BLUE on diagram

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