Pathways to Water Quality Improvement in the Myrtle Creek Sub-catchment

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This project is working with four grower groups with each targeting 10 growers to identify and implement practice change opportunities to reduce nitrogen and pesticide losses from sugarcane farms. The project will monitor and evaluate end-of-paddock water quality impacts of changed practices. Each group will be supported by a dedicated facilitator with agronomic and group learning experience. The project methodology will use knowledge gained from previous successful projects, particularly in terms of direct grower engagement, peer-to-peer learning, grower-led water quality sampling and growers’ perception about the need for practice change. Demonstration farms with two sets of comparative practices will be monitored for water quality and productivity.

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Soil Health

Smart Cane BMP

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Smart Cane BMP

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Smartcane BMP is a program for you to document and celebrate
the way your farm.


When you complete Modules 1, 2 and 3, you can get accredited with Smartcane BMP and be independently recognised for the way you manage soil and nutrients, irrigation and drainage, and weeds, pests and diseases.
Modules 4–8 aren’t required for accreditation. However, they can help identify opportunities to improve practices in other parts of your farm business.

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